How I Decorate My Weekly Filofax Pages

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hey everyone! I'm here today to show you guys how I decorate my weekly pages in my Filofax/Kikkik/Kate Spade Planners! I switch out my planners all the time, but they are all the same size and all have 6 rings. So I hope you get what I mean! Before I get started, I wanted to share with you where I get my inserts. They are from Piaric and these are inserts that I've used for about a year now. I find them to be the best quality that I've personally ever used and I'm also obsessed with the font that is used. So with that being said, let me show you my weekly routine when decorating my planner pages.

For this post, I was using my Kate Spade Pink Wellesley. This is my unicorn planner, or the planner that is my all time favorite. I personally never thought I would own this planner but I got lucky! 

As you guys know, I like to theme my planner pages. This week, I thought blue green and purple would be a nice color combo. I start off placing down my washi tape. I usually cover each line, sometimes I only will cover one or two. Depends how much I feel like decorating that week. I tend to base the color scheme off of my washi, so most of my stickers will match this look as well.

What I do next is I add my stickers. I get most of my stickers from the shops listed in my links tab, so if you are wondering where most are these are from check there! If you see something you like and want to know where it is from, comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can! As you can see, I've themed them to match my washi tape. I place stickers down for events that I know are going on, and I do have stickers that say "canceled" if something happens to change. 

When I'm done placing my stickers, I fill in what I know I have going on. Some of my favorite pens to use are from PenGems, Jetpens (Coleto and Uni Style Fit) and the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners. I also like to add cute paper clips from Kawaii Paperie on Etsy. Again, check back to my links page to see where you can get all of these super cute items!

That's it for today. My routine is pretty simple! If you have any questions, please comment below. I also do weekly videos over on my YouTube channel, so click the YouTube tab to check those out. Thank you for stopping by!


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