How I Use Two Planners

Saturday, May 9, 2015

I've gotten a couple requests to do a post like this, so here it is! I am going to show you guys how I use my Erin Condren and my ringed planner. I'm currently using my medium (personal) gold kikkik but I switch out my ringed planners all the time! I still use the same system in all of them though. 

My first planner that I ever owned was a personal Filofax Saffiano in purple. One thing I like about rings vs. coiled planners is that you can switch things out and move things around as you please.

 They are easier to customize that way as well. In my kikkik, I store a lot of stickers and stationery. If you've watched my setup videos, you'll know that I have a weekly section, a to do section and a monthly section. In my weekly section, I write down everything I know I need to do the Sunday before the week starts. Planning in advance keeps me more organized. I keep things such as work schedules, class schedules, medication schedules, my boyfriends schedule and weekly plans that I have scheduled with friends or family.

In my Erin Condren planner, I keep meal plans, homework that I have for classes, lists and some health and fitness workouts that I do each week. I have stamps from Sweet Stamp Shop that I use to keep track of my fitness. The Erin Condren Life Planner is so much bigger than my personal kikkik planner so I tend to put more details in my ECLP. Each week, I post pictures of my layouts on my Instagram feed so you can get sort of an idea just by looking at those. I've also posted "Plan With Me" videos on my YouTube channel which you can find HERE. As for on the go, I take my medium kikkik with me everywhere. It's easier to carry and it isn't as heavy. I place a lot of sticky notes and lists on my dashboard when I am on the go, so it's the perfect planner when I am on the go.

I hope this post answered any questions that you may have had. Please comment if you have any other requests on what you would like to know. I am happy to be sharing this with all of you and I hope this post helped! Here are my social media links to join in on all the fun:

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