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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hey guys! I recently posted a picture on my Instagram asking you guys what you wanted to know about me! So I'm here to answer all of those questions for you! I think it's important that I connect with my followers as my follow count continues to grow. So if you are new to my Instagram, blog, or YouTube, welcome! I'm going to go ahead and answer some of your questions!

My favorite country singer and I! 

Question 1: How did you get started with planners?

I got started with planners when I was browsing Pinterest one day and one of Jennifer Reyes' (@mypurpleylife) pictures popped up. I spent the entire evening watching YouTube videos and looking up more about Filofax. I ordered my first planner that same evening and I've been hooked ever since!

Question 2: How do you keep track of the items you have/goodies for your planner?

Honestly, my desk is kind of a mess right now. I'm in the process of moving so everything is sort of all over the place! I organize everything in those plastic drawer organizers from Target. I have a couple of the smaller ones and one big one. I don't keep track financially as much as I should! I tend to purchase most planner related items through PayPal as I shop mostly online. That way I don't mess with my bank account and it's easier to keep track that way. I'd be happy to do a video to show everybody how I organize my craft room if there is interest!

Question 3: What brands do you prefer for your planners and why?

I think it's safe to say my favorite brand is Filofax. I've never had quality issues with any of my Filofaxes and that is probably why I love them so much. There are so many different types of Filofaxes and that's another reason I consider myself a "Filofax girl." 

I would say my second favorite brand of planners would be the Kikki.K brand. Kikki.K is a company based out of Australia and I love the colors and patterns they choose. I know Kikki.K has had some quality issues with stitching coming undone and color rubbing off, but I haven't had issues with any of mine personally. I also know they have decent customer service!  

Next, I really love my Erin Condren Life Planner. Erin Condren is different from Filofax and Kikki.K because it is a coil planner. It is the biggest planner I own and I love using it for planning at home. (I use my 6 ringed planners as my on the go planners!) Erin Condren also gives you the option to customize each cover which is something I love.

I would say those are my most definite favorite brands. I also own a Websters Pages planner which is great planner for a beginner. They are cheaper than most and offer beautiful colors!

Question 4: What do you do with the old/last years planners? 

I keep them! One thing I like about planning is that you can go back and look at what you did the previous year. It's a fun way to remember fun times or memories, and it's also a great way to keep track of things that you may need to to back and look at.

Question 5: What are your favorite non planner related searches on Instagram?

I like to look up hashtags in order to find new, fun pages, which I'm sure most of you do too! I like anything that has to do with coffee, whether it be fun accessories, cute mugs or cozys- which I just recently found out about because the awesome company @knotunraveled sent me one! I also like looking up craft room designs. I am getting ready to move and I've been looking up themes for what I want my craft room to look like. Another thing that interests me is Scentsy! My best friend is a consultant, so I'm always looking up that hashtag to see how creative people get with their warmers, mixing smells, etc.

Question 6: Do you use one planner to record everything or different ones for each area of your life?

I've never used more than three planners. I use one for school and two for the same thing. I always use a 6 ringed planner for my everyday tasks. I use my Erin Condren for the exact same thing, it just stays at home with me. I keep track of lists, to dos, meetings, work, events, etc. Basically everything! The only difference is is that one travels with me and one stays home. 

Question 7: How do you incorporate a paper planner with your iPhone calendar?

I don't! I never use the calendar on my phone. If I somehow don't have my planner and I need to write something down, I will use the notes app on my phone. But that doesn't happen often.

Question 8: How did you and your boyfriend meet? 

Yay! A personal question. No, seriously. I love telling you guys about my life because I think it's fun to get to know other planner girls. I met my boyfriend Cody when I moved to where I live now in high school. He actually lives on my street which is super convenient and we are moving in together in June. Woohoo! 

My goober!

Question 9: How much do you love me? (Emma and Kiara!)

Shout out to some of my dearest planner friends @inspiredblush and @paperprincess! You guys are awesome. I love you girls more than a fat kid loves cake. Mwah! 

Thanks for reading everybody! If there is anything else that you would like to know that I didn't cover, please ask! Thanks for stopping by! 


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