Kikkik Planner Review

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hi everybody! I'm SO excited, I finally got my hands on my medium gold kikkik planner! My friend Candi (@filoeyecandi) had one she wasn't using, so I feel super grateful to have gotten my hands on this since kikkik no longer makes them!

The thing I love most about this planner is the color. Probably because I've never owned a gold planner before and gold is one of my favorite colors! Another thing that attracts me to the kikkik brand is how chunky and stuffed the planners get. I know some of you do not like that, but to me, a full planner is a happy planner! I do not take this on the go with me which is why I don't mind my planners being stuffed. 

Here is another reason I love the kikkik brand: the pockets! There are plenty of pockets to stuff with cute accessories! I always keep some cute clips, stickers and project life cards in my front pockets. There is also a big pocket behind the others where I like to store sticker sets! Right now, I'm obsessed with stickers from Cori: The Reset Girl. They are so bright and fun, and add a nice pop of color.

Here's a full view of my planner! I like using my glitter dashboards in my planners because they go with everything (and I'm obsessed with sparkle!) I also have pengems pens that go with every single one of my planners. If you aren't familiar with pengems, they are ball point pens that are filled with sparkly gems at upper half of each pen. You can see my gold one in this picture, it matches perfectly!

If any of you are looking for this planner, I would suggest checking out the planner Facebook groups too. Some of the groups are called kikkik planner love, planner addicts swap and sell and filofaxes and pens for sale site. You can also check out Instagram by using the hashtag #filofaxforsale! 

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet blog post. I absolutely love this planner and I thought I would share my love for it with you guys!

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State Clip:
Glitter Dashboard:
Cori: The Reset Girl Stickers:


  1. So glad you are HAPPY with it :) xoxo

  2. Thanks so much Candi! I'm so obsessed with this planner :)


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