May Planner Society Kit

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hi planner girls! Super excited to be sharing this post with you today! For the month of May, I am a guest designer using the May Planner Society Kit from Christy Tomlinson! This monthly kit comes packed with tons of cute things to decorate your planner. 

Here are the items included in the kit:

Exclusive Stickers by Cori: Therestgirl
Daily Flash Tin Pins
Public Library Tidbits
Jubilee Minds Eye Sticky Note Set
Daily Flash Decade Stamp
Hello Pastel Camera Clips
Sticky Keys Letter Stickers
Project Life High Five Edition
Daily Flash Washi Tape
3 Sheets Double Sided Scrapbook Paper

Not Pictured: 
Library pockets with cards 
Camera charm

Today I am going to be showing you how I used this kit to decorate my medium gold kikkik planner. One thing I love about this kit is everything seems to go together. I like my planner to have a theme, so I really had a fun time using this kit in my planner! 

These are the items that I used from the kit! I will show you step by step and describe in detail how I used each item from the kit in my planner. Like I mentioned, everything ties together so decorating with these items was super fun!

One thing I absolutely love about the kikkik planner is the pockets. They are so functional and you can get really creative with what you put in them and how you use them. From the kit, I used one of the project life "high five" edition cards to put in the middle pocket. I thought the green really tied in with the sticky keys letter stickers. In front of the project life card, I took one of the sticky notes off of the Jubilee Minds Eye sticky note set and stamped it with the Daily Flash Decade Stamp. I think stamping adds a nice, personal touch to everything so I really wanted to utilize this adorable stamp. Another piece from the Jubilee sticky note set is the little speech bubble I attached to my pocket. Again, the color really ties in with the stickers and the project life card. I don't like having unused space in my planner, so I thought it would be the perfect thing to add to fill up some space yet having it look cute as well. You also see the adorable stickers from Cori The Reset Girl in the back pocket. These stickers were exclusively made for Christys kit, and they are my favorite part about the kit! The stickers have the same pattern as the scrapbook paper that was included and they also have cute hashtag sayings such as #plannergirl, #ivegotthis, #plannersgonnaplan, etc. The sayings are super cute and are perfect to use when decorating your planner pages. Another thing I also did was I took a piece of the blue scrapbook paper and rounded the corners with my corner rounder which can be found here. I trimmed it down so it would fit perfectly in the pocket. Again, I love how the pattern matches the stickers by The Reset Girl and the color really ties the whole look together. 

Here is the other half of my planner. I took a piece of the scrapbook paper and made a dashboard out of it. I simply cut, laminated and hole punched it to fit my kikkik. The hole punch I use that punches my kikkik perfectly can be found here. I like putting project life cards on my planner dashboards, and this telephone card matched perfectly. I used the Daily Flash Washi Tape to tape it down. I will admit I'm obsessed with paper clips, so this camera clip added a nice touch to my dashboard. 

Here is the final result. My planner is all ready for summer and this kit is perfect for a summer theme. If you have any questions, please comment below and I will reply as soon as possible! Thank you so much for reading and happy planning!

You can learn more about Christys planner kits here:

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Page Flags: Target Dollar Spot
Sparkly Pen:


  1. so excited to get my may kit!!!! your planner looks too cute with the navy/red theme---love!!!! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you love your kit when it arrives. I absolutely love mine!

  2. Ally, this will be my first kit and seeing what you've done makes me want it all the more! And you're from Iowa? Cool!

    1. I'm so happy I've inspired you! And I am from Iowa! Are you?

    2. I grew up on a farm in the NW corner of Iowa where my parents still live. I live in Maine now but Iowa will always be home.

    3. I grew up on a farm in the NW corner of Iowa where my parents still live. I live in Maine now but Iowa will always be home.

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