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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hello everyone! Today I'm here to show you how I plan on using my planner for college in the fall. This will be my third year, and my system is pretty much the same every year, but this year I have decided to spend a little more and purchase a daily Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. You can get yours here!

This semester, I am only taking 3 classes so I don't have as much going on as I normally would, but I still think it's important to carry a paper planner to stay as organized as possible!

If you aren't familiar with the Simplified Planner, it is a gorgeous planner designed in a more simple way to keep us busy gals as organized as possible. I had never heard of Emily Ley or seen her brand before, but some of my friends on Instagram had posted about this planner, so I had to have one! One thing that I've always done with my planners for school is color code. Each class gets a different color, and I like using Martha Stewart Dew Drops to keep track of important things such as exams, papers, assignments, etc. It's really whatever you prefer!  

I like using this printable from Ms. Wenduhh that has boxes for me to write my class schedule. Below that, you see separate boxes that say class, hall, room number and teacher. You can find her class printables here! I chose pineapple washi tape because Emily Ley's logo is a gold pineapple, so I thought this was the perfect tape to use!

The layout of this planner has times throughout the day on the left, a to do list on the right and meal planning and notes below. I plan on writing my daily schedule out on the left side and writing my to do's, homework assignments, exams, etc. in the left column.

I will post more pictures to my Instagram later on, but right now this is how I plan on using my planner. Some other supplies I recommend using for school are sticky notes, paper clips, page tabs, highlighters and washi tape. I own so many pens, but my favorite pens that I use right now can be found here! They are the Pilot Juice Gel Ink Pens in the pastel colors. They write beautifully and I definitely consider them to be high quality pens. 

If you really like decorating your planners, feel free to check out the links tab on my blog. There I list my favorite places to buy planner decor supplies. I don't typically decorate for school very much, but I definitely recommend the shops above if you are a decorator! Don't forget to check out my Facebook page and YouTube channel for more fun updates! Click the links above to check those out as well. With all of that being said, thank you for stopping by today!

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