Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hello everyone! I posted on Instagram earlier today asking you guys what you would like to know. Thank you for those of you who commented, I am happy to answer any questions you may have! With that being said, I am going to go ahead and get started.

Question 1: What made you want to start using a planner, and how do you maintain it?

I've used a planner for as long as I can remember. I tend to forget little things and a lot will slip through my mind if I don't write it down. Every weekend, I plan out my weeks in advance. At first, there won't be much writing as I like to write out my days as certain things come and go. If I know I have something planned for the week, I will mark it with a sticker and write a little note next to it. Usually by the end of the week, my weekly pages are full rather than when most of my pictures are taken at the beginning of the week. I also keep my to do lists in the front of the planner so I can add and edit those as I please.

Question 2: When did you start decorating your planner & what Etsy shop did you purchase from first?

           I started decorating my planner last March, so I've been doing this for a little over a year now. I think the first Etsy shop I purchased something from was KawaiiPaperie! I'm so obsessed with their clips and I still buy things from that shop. You can find their shop here!

Question 3: How do you have so many planners and keep up day by day? Do you take out the specific week your on and put it in another planner?

Right now, I'm only using one planner and that is my a5 patent pink domino. I decided that using multiple planners was getting too chaotic for me, so I have everything stuffed into that planner including my Erin Condren pages! If I decide I want to switch planners, everything will be taken out and put into the other planner.

Question 4: How did it take you to find a planner that worked for you? 

I knew right away that personal sized Filofax would work the best for me when I first started off. Now that I've decided to put everything into one planner as well as my schedule being super busy, a5 was the right fit for me since there is so much more room.

Question 5: Are you loving the domino Filofax? And what are your plans for the bando agenda?

I am LOVING my domino. It is my first a5 planner and it is been the perfect fit for me. One thing I love about the domino planner is that it isn't a clasp planner so you can fit way more stuff inside. My plans for the Ban.do agenda are to use it for school. That planner is separate from everything I keep inside my domino, so that is what I plan on using it for. I originally planned on using it as a fitness planner, but I decided to purchase a FitBit instead!

Question 6: What would be your best advice for engaging your audience as far as planner photos? How can you stay so creative and inspired?

My advice would be to keep your pictures bright and fun! People are more attracted to colorful, bright pictures rather than dark, dull pictures. For me, I'm inspired by anything bright and sparkly. If i'm shopping at a craft store my eye is immediately drawn to those items. Looking at Pinterest boards and other planner accounts are great ways to find inspiration too! I have lots of planner things on my #filoally board which can be found here!

Question 7: What are your favorite pens? 

Right now, I'm obsessed with my Pilot Juice pens! I got them in the regular colors and I plan on purchasing them in the pastel colors as well. You can find them here! I also love my PenGems! Angel has adorable, colorful sparkly pens that I typically keep in my planner at all times. You can find them at www.pengems.com!

Question 8: What size planner do you prefer? A5 or personal?

I'm definitely an a5 girl now. Like I mentioned before, personal sized planners just didn't have enough space for my busy schedule!

Question 9: Does the one weirdly shaped pocket in your domino bother you? Do you think someone who likes pockets would like the domino?

If you are a pocket person, the domino may not be for you. However, if you like to stuff your planners it is a really nice planner to have! Personally, the pocket doesn't bother me. I do wish the domino had more pockets, but I knew that's how the planner was when I purchased it. I have so many pouches and pockets in my planner now that storage isn't an issue for me.

Question 10: Have you ever considered the inkwell press planner?

I have looked at them and they are adorable, I just haven't gotten around to purchasing one yet! That is definitely on my to do list, though! I love getting new planners and testing them out and I also love supporting other planner girls with their businesses!

Question 11: How did you get into planning and what made you decide to start making videos?

I got into planning when I was browsing Pinterest one day! I found a really cute picture from @mypurpleylife and I knew that I had to learn more about this awesome, fun community! I decided to start making YouTube videos a couple months ago. I thought since my Instagram had grown so much, it would be a good idea to show everyone just how I plan out my weekly spreads and so on. I had gotten a lot of requests on some of the Facebook groups to do videos, so I thought it would be a fun thing to do! 

Question 12: What does your desk and storage/organization look like, do you have a system at home to house everything?

I'm actually moving in THREE days! I get my own craft room, so I plan on doing a craft room tour video for you guys to see. The theme is pink, black and gold. It's looking great so far!

Question 13: What does your filming setup look like when you do a plan-with-me video? Do you have a tripod? What camera do you use?

When I film, I have my camera facing down towards my desk. I do film with a tripod! I purchased it on amazon awhile back and you can find it here if you are interested! It is definitely affordable and a super nice item to have if you film! The camera I use is the Nikon Coolpix L840. I picked it up at best buy but you can also find it here!

Question 14: What are your all time fave inserts?

The first inserts I ever used were from Piaric and I love them, but I would have to say I love my inserts from Sew Much crafting! They are so cute and Danielle is awesome. Check those out if you get a minute! Her shop can be found here!

Question 15: Who's your favorite YouTuber?

Emma @inspiredblush of course! I also love Belinda Selene! Both of these ladies have awesome channels.

Question 16: How did you get your hands on the pink kate spade?

LUCK! I purchased a Coral Kate Spade Wellesley for $60 that someone was selling on Instagram. I decided I wasn't in love with the color, so I asked if anybody wanted to trade. Someone with a pink Wellesley wanted to trade and that's how it happened! 

Question 17: What's your holy grail of planners? Which one do you find the easiest to utilize daily and integrate into daily life?

I'm still figuring that out! I just switched up to a5, so I'm trying to see what planner in that size is really going to work best for me. I'm really loving my domino right now, though! 

Question 18: How do you set up your camera to record your plan with me's?

It screws into the top of my tripod! My tripod is adjustable so having a tripod is really handy to have when filming.

Question 19: When it comes to daily life planning what all do you put in?

I put my work schedule, weekly events and to dos in my planner. I like to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries as well! 

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post as well as commenting on my Instagram post! I love answering questions for you guys and I hope this helped. Let me know if you have any other questions at all!

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  1. I can't remember when I first used a planner, either. I think I might have used them as a baby!


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