Holiday Planner Setup

Friday, November 13, 2015

Hi everyone! This morning I decided to set up my planner for Christmas and I wanted to show you guys what I did as well as how to make your own Christmas dividers!

I am currently using my Erin Condren planner and my white Color Crush planner. I use my Color Crush to take on the go with me and my Erin Condren typically stays home.

My Christmas cover for 2015 is this Life In Little Squares cover that I customized for Christmas. I also got that beautiful planner band from RainbowsandPixiedust! Super cute.

I already posted this to my Instagram but here is a peek at my full Christmas setup in my Websters Pages planner. I got the paper at Hobby Lobby and made some dividers and a dashboard with. I wanted to jazz up the side pocket so I trimmed a piece of my favorite wreath paper down and tucked it in the back pocket. The grinch clip is from @planningmadeperfect's November mystery kit. You can get it here! I made the heart paper clip myself using some festive candy cane paper, a hot glue gun and a heart hole punch. I also laminated it so it was more secure. I got my Christmas paper clips from Kawaii Paperie on Etsy. You can also search "Christmas Planner Clips" in Etsy and lots of cute options will come up for you as well! I tag all shops on my Instagram photos too if that works easier for you.  I also had to feature some gorgeous stickers from my girl Megan at SodaPopStudioShop. I can't wait to use these Christmas countdown stickers!

Here is a close up of my pretty planner pockets. Christy @theplannersociety really Inspired me to stuff my pockets with lots of cute stationery! I signed up for her Holiday Planner class and I'm so glad I did! I like to utilize all of the little pockets in my planner.

Here is my planner dashboard! I got the paper from Hobby Lobby and then I cut my dashboard using another dashboard as a guide. I then laminated it, cut it and hole punched it with my Rapesco hole punch. I purchased this gorgeous Christmas card from @madebyelissa last year and I'm glad I still have it!

Here is a peek at the pretty dividers I made. This paper sheet again is from Hobby Lobby and can be found here if you want to purchase it! I am going to quickly walk you through the steps on how to make these if you are curious!

What you'll need: Paper, scissors or a paper trimmer, a glue stick, a laminator and a tab punch or a tab guide!

1. Choose your patterns. I typically choose from the same paper sets just because I like mine to match.

2. Cut your paper to fit whatever size planner it is you are using. I take a piece of paper from the planner, carefully trace around it, cut it with my paper trimmer (scissors work too!) and then trim off any "frillies" so all edges are smooth.

3. Next you punch your tabs. I use a punch from Hobby Lobby, but you can also trace around any tabbed folder you may have. I find it easier to purchase a fairly inexpensive punch. It's quicker and looks nicer in my opinion.

4. Next you glue your tabs to your dividers. Make sure you are using a glue stick so you can adjust your tabs as needed. I glue my first tab on first, then my last tab, and then my in betweens. When they are all glued on, layer them to see if any tabs need to be adjusted.

5. Next, you need to laminate your dividers. Do NOT punch them yet. I put two in one laminating sheet and sometimes I run them through the laminator more than once so the paper is smooth.

6. One you have laminated your dividers, you need to cut around them. Make sure you are careful cutting around the tab since it's trickier to cut!

7. NOW you can hole punch your dividers and put them in your planner. If they are too wide, trim them down on the hole punched side an re laminate (if you want to!)

That's it! It took me a few test runs to get the hang of it, but I make dividers a lot now and it's super easy and fun to do.

Thank you guys for stopping by my blog today! I am already getting in the Holiday Spirit! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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